Shoe Finder

Shoe Finder

There are hundreds of running shoes available at the moment, how do you know what shoe will suit your running needs? Using the wrong shoe can lead to injury, especially if you have cushioning or motion control needs. The aim of the shoe finder is to help you find a shoe to match your running style and help you identify any running problems so you can get the right shoe for you.

Every manufacturer has their own set of jargon to describe the latest technology in the shoes. We will try to avoid any confusing jargon at Runnersworld, but if any of the terms used on the site needs an explanation you can find it with our Jargon Buster.

Follow the three easy steps of our Shoe Finder below to find the right shoe for you.

The First Step

The first step to finding the right shoe is to find out if you require a shoe with specila motion control or cushioning to suit your running and biomechanics.

Do I need Motion Control Shoes?

Do I need Cushioned (Neutral) Shoes?

Do I need Structured Cushioned Shoes?

Look at your Feet

The second step is to make sure you buy a shoe with the right shape for you.

Do I pronate?

What is my foot type?

What is a Last?

Find the shoe for you

The third step is to look at the range of shoes availabe to buy at Runnersworld. we have a huge range of shoes for all those secial requirements.

Mens Shoes

Womens Shoes

Runnersworld Staff

The staff at Runnersworld are always happy to give advice to help find the perfect training shoe for you. You can use our enquiry form to contact us with all your information, call us at the Eastcote branch on!020 8868 6997 and see us to talk to the experts and get the personal service that Runnersworld istores are famous for.