What is Last?

What is last?

What is last?

A Last is the foot form, usually wood, metal or plastic onto which the shoe is built. Lasting is the process of stretching a stitched shoe upper around a last so that a midsole and outsole can be attached.

The curve of the three main lasts are shown in the diagram on the right.

A - Straight (or stability) last
Provides the extra stability and control required by runners with lower arches and would also appeal to heavier runners who need greater medial support.

B - Standard (or semi-curved) last
This suits runners with medium arches and is featured on most shoes.

C - Curved (or performance) last
For runners with high arches.

Some shoes have special constructions for specific purposes; for example racing flats are built to the performance last, designed for faster runners and providing extra lateral support and highly efficient heel-to-toe transition.

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