Tips for Women

Tips for Women
A neglected part of women's apparel is a sports bra. You would not dream of running in a pair of ill-fitting shoes would you?. You need a sports bra which is not only your size, but one which also geared to give you maximum support in your chosen sporting activity. Have a look at our great range of sports bras in our online store.
To help you on your way here are some points to help you use the correct sports bra.
  • Measure your body under the bust to give the size of the bra - you measure here because the flesh of the rib cage is firm and a snugly fitted underband is the key to making you feel supported.
  • Once you have your under-bust measurement, you will be able to assess your cup size.
  • Before choosing a sports bra, take into account the requirements of your particular sporting activity.
  • This coupled with your cup size, will determine the level of support you need.

Common problems answered
  • If your bra pulls up at the back, it is too big in the underband around the body.
  • The bra's cup is too big if there is extra space under the cup and extra fabric around the nipple.
  • Often when the bra is too small you get extra cup flesh poking out towards the armpit and above the cup.
  • If your bra is making it's mark and cutting in around your shoulders or body then it is too small.

Fact or Fiction
  • Fact: Female breasts are primarily composed of glandular tissue and fat and are held in position by delicate ligaments.
  • Fact: There are no muscles in the breast
  • Fiction: Specific exercise will return your breasts to their original shape
  • Fact: Once breasts have dropped because of stretched ligaments, NOTHING can restore them to their former position.

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